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"I'll be ever'where"
Grapes of Wrath Blog

Truck from Reading Project Poster
To Read or Not to Read a Book

Now that we have gathered in Barton Hall and met in small groups across the campus to discuss The Grapes of Wrath, here are a few final thoughts on books and reading. The Reading Groups Guide web site provides us...  more

Woody Guthrie, contemporary songwriter

Guest author Dan Aloi: Just like Tom Joad?s impassioned vow near the end of The Grapes of Wrath, as long as there is injustice and inequality, Woody Guthrie will be there. One of the Oklahoma native's songs from 1940, ?The...  more

?All of them were caught in something larger than themselves?

Vice Provost for Undergraduate Education Laura Brown: The world presented to us in Steinbeck?s Grapes of Wrath has an inexorable quality, in which, at every turn, large and invisible forces seem to operate upon vulnerable human beings. The tractors that...  more

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