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Uris Library
Uris Library

The Cornell University Library, the Tompkins County Public Library, and a host of public and high school libraries from communities across New York State are pleased to support and assist all participants in the 2006 New Student Reading Project.

Libraries provide access to resources—both digital and print, access to services designed to deliver the information you need, and access to knowledgeable staff. For all of the great advances in digital technology, librarians are still the ultimate search engines. Let them help you help yourself to a world of information.

If you have any questions about the New Student Reading Project, F. Scott Fitzgerald, his novel, The Great Gatsby, or other related topics, librarians can help. Use the links below to contact us.


Cornell University Library

To our new students, please know that you are now affiliated with one of the best academic research libraries in the world. This affiliation provides access to the information and resources that are essential to any pursuit of knowledge. You are not just reading a book, you are starting your academic and Cornell careers.

Welcome. Come in and see what a large academic research library can do for you.

Cornell University Library Gateway, the Library's homepage, to learn more about the collections and services offered at the 20 individual libraries that collectively comprise the CU Library.

Search the Cornell Library Catalog to find over 7.5 million books, 65,000 journals, magazines, and newspapers, and over 100,000 digital resources—including specialized subject databases, electronic journals, and e-books.

Browse our Digital Initiatives at the Library to explore our growing number of digital collections, projects, and online exhibitions.

Access to materials marked with this symbol requires a Cornell Network ID, which new students will receive over the summer.


Tompkins County Public Library


Other High School and Public Libraries

Please contact your high school or local public library for information resources about the Cornell University New Student Reading Project, F. Scott Fitzgerald, or The Great Gatsby, that are available in your community.