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Carol Tatkon Center

Zelda by Herself: The Art of Zelda Fitzgerald
March 2007

The Carol Tatkon Center will exhibit the art work of Zelda Fitzgerald, wife of F. Scott Fitzgerald from March 4 to March 29, 2007. An opening reception will be held at 5:15 on March 5th, room 3330, with Eleanor Lanahan, curator of the exhibit and granddaughter of Zelda and F. Scott Fitzgerald. She will present a slide show about her grandparents and provide rare glimpses into their fabled lives and the creative works of America's most celebrated literary couple.

Zelda Fitzgerald was not only an icon of the Jazz Age and the beautiful, flamboyant wife of F. Scott Fitzgerald, around whom he shaped his famous literary figures; she was also an accomplished artist in her own right. She began painting in at the age of 25 and it remained the one artistic expression that she pursued continually throughout her life, the major output of her work was produced in the last fourteen years of her life. Suffering from schizophrenia, the majority of her paintings were created after her husband's sudden death in 1940 of a heart attack. Her subjects reflected her interest in fairy tales, her appreciation of landscape and flowers, and her wonderful sense of the absurd, particularly in her Alice in Wonderland series. Zelda died tragically in a hospital fire in 1948.


Zelda Fitzgerald, 1900-1948
The Pantheon & Luxemburg Gardens, 1944
Courtesy of Eleanor Lanahan
Zelda Fitzgerald, 1900-1948
Times Square, 1944
Courtesy of Samuel J. Lanahan

This exhibit and tour is organized by International Arts and Artists, Washington, D.C.