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What's a blog?
Student Bloggers
Student bloggers, from left, Jennifer Lin '09, Jenna Bromberg '08 and Caroline Dias '08 are part of a pilot project meant to give prospective students and parents a representative picture of student life.

A blog or web log is a web site that provides a running commentary on a particular subject. Typically a blog combines text, images, and links to other web sites or other blogs, related to its topic. Blogs are interactive and invite readers to share their thoughts and comments. Authors provide entries or posts that display in reverse chronological order, with the most recent posting listed first or at the top of the blog site. Readers of the blog send in their comments to these posts which are also displayed and stored on the web site.

In a moderated blog, readers' comments are published on the blog site after being reviewed and approved by the blog author or authors.

Many blog sites offer an RSS or Atom syndication feed that provides readers who sign up for the blog's "feed" with headlines of their latest entries along with URLs to the content.

More detailed information about blogs can be found at these web sites:


Wikipedia: Blog