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The Barton Hall Panel Discussion took place 3:30 p.m. - 5:00 p.m. on Sunday, August 19th. Student discussion groups met the following day. Press coverage of these events:

Cornell Chronicle:

  • Events at the Tatkon Center: "Get Picked Up at the Tatkon Center": A series inspired by The Pickup

Get Picked Up at the Tatkon CenterPhotography, poetry, spoken word, painting, theater, film, politic thought, and discussion

Sponsored by the Carol Tatkon Center, the Vice Provost for Undergraduate Education, & the Office of the Dean of Students

Fall 2007:

The U.S. after 9/11: The Politics of Fear
September 13, 5:00pm, Carol Tatkon Center, Rm 3330

Photojournalist Stan Honda presents some of his haunting photographs of 9/11 that appeared on the covers of major publications around the world. He juxtaposes these 9/11 images with photographs of American internment camps where Japanese-Americans were incarcerated during World War II. Mr. Honda relates the aftermath of 9/11 to the rounding up and confinement of people of Japanese ancestry, most of them U.S. citizens, during World War II. Following this presentation, a panel will explore the political consequences of the “War on Terror.”

In partnership with the Cornell Public Service Center, the Program on Ethics & Public Life, Campus Life Academic Initiatives, and Campus Life Residential Programs.

Eyewitness: Stan Honda – Reflections of a Photojournalist

On display during September at the Tatkon Center are some of Stan Honda’s iconic photographs of 9/11, the war in Iraq, the aftermaths of Hurricane Katrina, and Japanese internment camps from WWII.

Exploring Identity and Politics

Renowned spoken word and performance artist, National Poetry Slam champion, featured artist on Russell Simmons’ Def Poetry on HBO, and Broadway veteran Marc Bamuthi Joseph fuses hip-hop, spoken word, dance, and music.

Poetry Workshop
September 20, 5:00pm,
Carol Tatkon Center, Rm. 3330

Spoken Word Performances
Open Mic - Poetry Slam - plus Performance by Marc Bamuthi Joseph
September 21, 9:00pm, RPCC, Multi-Purpose room

In partnership with Campus Life Community Centers and the Program on Ethics & Public Life.

Finding Home
October 23, 5:00pm, Carol Tatkon Center, Rm. 3330

Talk by contemporary artist Siona Benjamin to accompany her series Finding Home on display during October at the Tatkon Center. Siona Benjamin explores issues of identity and belonging. Through her paintings, she questions what and where "home" is, both spiritually and literally, as well as the role of art in social change.


Spring 2008:

The Politics of Food
An interactive program and art exhibit: Hungry Planet: What the World Eats

A photo essay documenting 12 families from 12 countries that analyzes worldwide food consumption, examining what we as global citizens share—or lack. The exhibition depicts everything from American drive-thru fast food restaurants to waterside markets in Mali.

In partnership with Holland International Living Center.

Race and Class in the U.S. and South Africa: A Comparative Perspective

Filmmaker Rico Speight screens his film Where Are They Now?, a documentary feature on African American and Black South African “twentysomethings.” The documentary spotlights a range of touchy topics, from race to class, to the issue of opportunities for young people of color in the era of global capitalism. Panel discussion to follow.

In partnership with the Program on Ethics & Public Life.

Modern Sex, Love, and Relationships Unplugged

An interactive program that takes a frank look at sex, love, and relationships across cultures and features student performances under the direction of professor and director Beth Milles.


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